Car Anti Freeze and Brake Fluid Change

Routine car services helps you avoid costly repairs and prolongs the life of your car. Two important services are car antifreeze and brake fluid change. Antifreeze helps your car’s cooling system operate at peak efficiency and protects the radiator from corrosion and scale. You need to replace worn-out antifreeze to avoid expensive radiator repair or replacement.

Brake fluid also degrades over time. Its performance diminishes and reduces your braking performance. Sludge accumulates and blocks the valves inside your ABS system, creates leaks in your wheel cylinder and calipers and causes expensive repairs or replacement. We can flush your coolant and brake systems and replace the worn out fluids with new antifreeze and brake fluid. These two services will keep you car running at peak performance. Please contact Earlsfield Service Station for car services and car mots.

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